Depending on when you’re showing up, Paoli Presbyterian Church can seem big. So let me show you around.

(My name is Susan, by the way. I’m the Communications Specialist here.)

Worship services are at 7:30am, 10am, and 5:05pm.

The 7:30 crowd is small, they meet in the Chapel across the parking lot, they sing hymns, and they always have coffee and donuts on hand. The 10am crowd is large, meet in the Sanctuary in the main building, and there’s always a special kind of music (choir or brass or hand bells) going on. And finally, if you’re into more contemporary music and close-knit community, check out the 5:05pm service.

You can wear whatever is comfortable. And there’s child care ready for your kids at the 10am and 5:05pm services, so don’t be shy about bringing them.

If you’d rather show up for something other than worship…

Check out the Bible studies and breakfast groups here. (Youth group info for your kids can be found here.) ┬áThese are a great way to find “your people” rather than walking into a larger unfamiliar crowd right off the bat.

Lastly, this church is known for mission…

So if you’re into caring for others, this is a perfect place for you to dig in. We host a big 5K for Refugee Relief in the fall, and Mission Trips and serve days happen year-round (most often in the spring). If you’d like to get plugged in here first, contact Tom Infield our Director of Missions at


Finding a church can be scary, I get that. But know that you’re among friends here. If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly:


We look forward to seeing you soon.