What Makes Us Distinct

what makes us distinct trialCommitment to God

God is revealed to us as the Creator, Sustainer, and Ruler of all that exists. In the exercise of God’s sovereign power in creation, history and redemption, God is holy and perfect, abundant in mercy and goodness, and the source of all truth and freedom. Through Christ, bearing on the cross the guilt of sin, God forgives us and reconciles us. God is personal and is revealed as the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is the witness of the Bible, confirmed in the Christian experience, that the God who creates and sustains us is the God who redeems us in Christ, and the God who works in transforming our hearts as the Holy Spirit.


Commitment to Worship

We gather at the invitation of our Triune God whose desire for relationship and reconciliation are the dramatic elements of worship, elements which we long to express and celebrate each time we gather. Recognizing that we are called by God to gather together and worship, we encourage people to become participants in worship, not spectators. Our services are designed to enable people to engage more fully in their gathered worship experience.


Commitment to Growth

We recognize the transforming work of the Spirit and Scripture in our lives. Through various classes, small groups and studies, we offer numerous opportunities for people to encounter God’s revealed truth. These opportunities are offered on Sundays as well as some days and evenings during the week throughout the year.


Commitment to Outreach

God has reached out to us with a radical, life changing love and calls us to reach out to others with radical hospitality and love as well. We believe in speaking the words of grace and in sharing practical expressions of God’s grace. With neighbors, those in our backyard and those throughout the world, we participate in bringing God’s hope, healing, joy and love.