National & International

Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” – Mark 16:15

international“But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” – Amos 5:24



In addition to serving locally, Paoli Presbyterian Church seeks to reach out nationally and internationally with the love of Jesus Christ. In an age of global air travel and instant communication, the whole world truly is our neighbor. Through partners in ministry, PPC works to exonerate innocent prisoners on Death Row, to educate children in the slums of Kenya, and to build up an orphanage in Egypt.

PPC regularly sponsors mission trips to enable our members to see and participate in what God is doing in places near and far. In 2015, PPC is sending teams to Virginia, Alaska, Belize, Puerto Rico and Egypt. Team members typically return with increased faith, a wider worldview, and a renewed passion for mission.


National Mission –

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Steve and Kathi Amar witness to and work with people from Iran who are living in the Washington, D.C. area, which has one of the largest concentrations of Iranians in the U.S.

NATIONAL, FROM N.J. – Based in Princeton, Centurion Ministries labors to exonerate men and women on Death Row who are factually innocent of the crimes attributed to them. Since 1983, Centurion Ministries has freed 53 wrongly convicted people.

ALASKA – 2015 marks the fourth year that PPC teams have traveled to the remote wilderness of McGrath, Alaska, to help the McGrath Community Church build a parsonage. The completed parsonage will enable the church to call a pastor.


Global Mission –

WORLDWIDE, FROM OREGONHands to Hearts International is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of orphaned and vulnerable children, and economically disadvantaged women around the globe.

EGYPT – PPC has a deep relationship with ministries in Cairo historically associated with the American Presbyterian church. We support and have relationships with the Kolali church, the Fowler orphanage, and the Cairo Evangelical Theological Seminary. We additionally support Dr. Magda Iskander, a PC(USA) mission co-worker who is founder of Care With Love, a ministry that offers home-healthcare to the poor and trains the workers who provide the care. We also support Dr. Darren and Elizabeth Kennedy, PC(USA) mission co-workers at the Cairo seminary.

MIDDLE EAST – PPC missionaries are serving the Lord among Arabs elsewhere in the Middle East. They work with drug addicts and alcoholics in a Christian rehabilitation center. They are involved in evangelism, disciple-making, and teaching the Word of God.

KURDISTAN, IRAQ – Ben Duffy, who formerly worked in the Middle East, will be teaching English for a year near the Turkish border in northern Iraq.

KENYA – PPC has long supported ministry in Kenya. Currently, we are helping eduKenya, which has founded a school in the Mathare slum of Nairobi. Adam Gould, the U.S. director for eduKenya, is a former missionary-in-residence at the PPC Mission House. PPC separately works with the Wilson Rehabilitation Foundation, led by Dr. Doug Kerr, to provide orthopedic services at the Kikuyu Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Centre.

MOROCCO – PPC partners with Pastor David Hall and his wife, Lee, at the Evangelical Church of Morocco, which has a French-speaking membership.

ROMANIA – Mike and Kris York are building a movement in Romania that is ministering to university students through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development. The Yorks serve with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

EASTERN EUROPE – Though based in Virginia, Jim and Lois Baker continue their ministry in Eastern Europe. Jim travels many weeks each year, leading a Christian network that works with AIDs victims, fights human trafficking, and touches lives with God’s Word.

EAST-CENTRAL ASIA – With their four children, Jason and Barb Henry are among few Westerners living in a remote area of East-Central Asia. They run an agricultural business, work with a Bible society, and witness their faith in Jesus.

UGANDA – African Rural Outreach And Development (AROAD) is led by Richard Kabazzi, a Ugandan. AROAD operates Hope Primary School for 100 pupils, primarily orphans. The school provides Christian education, housing and meals. Its U.S. headquarters is in North Wales, PA.